Technical maintenance and HVAC works

We maintain, test and inspect the equipment and the other elements that contribute to the optimal operation of the building

We adapt the service package to the specificity of each property so that the activity in your building proceeds continuously at optimal parameters

Our services:

  • Periodically technical revisions: HVAC systems (boilers, AHU’s, chillers, splitting, air curtains, FCU)
  • Periodically technical revision boilers, heat exchangers, heat pumps
  • Revisions pumping groups
  • Revisions of extinguishing systems
  • Repairs and installations of HVAC equipment and pumps
  • Preventive, predictive and corrective technical maintenance (electrical, sanitary, ventilation, mechanical)
  • Technical dispatching / online technical monitoring
  • Emergency technical interventions – mobile teams
  • Computerized Maintenance (CAFM, CMMS)
  • We assure that the equipment and installations in use, are serviced in accordance with the Romanian legislation
  • Regulated services: RSVTI, SILSI
  • Constructions behavior monitoring in time
  • Technical audit of HVAC installations
  • Increase installations efficiency
  • Thermography services for installations, interpretations and repairs of insulations and defects


The FMS team has over 15 years of experience in facilities management and technical assistance. The company’s technical services offering include: technical maintenance of buildings, monitoring and water treatment in closed circuits, energy management and efficiency, maintenance and electrical works. The company also offers non-technical services such as cleaning, snow removal, DDD, landscaping and concierge.



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