FMS – What do you like about the FMS team?

Team spirit predominates in the FMS team. What appreciate our colleagues about the FMS team? Watch the video interview below! FMS – One Step Ahead!

FMS – One step ahead!

What are the times / situations when our colleagues are proud to be part of the FMS team? Watch the video interview with our colleagues from FMS.

FMS – A team you deserve to be part of!

FMS – A team you deserve to be part of!
We offer working conditions in a professional business environment with opportunities for development and promotion.
What exactly do I do at FMS that made our colleagues learn new things and develop?
Watch this video interview.

In “Soft FM” services, people and communication make it the difference

Adequate communication with the client, the synchronization of responses to requests, the clear and concrete expression, the correct knowledge and understanding of the demands made by the client, and then the availability of realistic means and methods of action ensure the development of a durable partnership based on trust and professionalism in delivering non-technical services.

FMS landscaping services

Now, on the threshold of spring, we all want the green space to be exceptional and in last years it has become a business card for each property, whether we are talking about an office building, a shopping center or even a warehouse.

FMS – Our services

We operate, maintain and manage the properties of our clients following the optimization of the medium and long term operational costs and provide integrated services tailored to the clients needs.

We are one of the ingredients of success in the business of our clients, through competence, professionalism, short response time, so you will be one step ahead.

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FMS – Strategic directions and extension in 2019

Care au fost directiile strategice care au condus la extinderea FMS in 2019 si care sunt elementele noi pe care le-am abordat odata cu extinderea nationala? La aceste intrebari ne raspunde Lucian Anghel, CEO FMS


The FMS team has over 15 years of experience in facilities management and technical assistance. The company’s technical services offering include: technical maintenance of buildings, monitoring and water treatment in closed circuits, energy management and efficiency, maintenance and electrical works. The company also offers non-technical services such as cleaning, snow removal, DDD, landscaping and concierge.



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